Extant Art

Also known as the death of the work.

The shell left after inception is the body of the art.  It is the natural progression from inception and from conception.  It is means to identify the last stage in my principal’s method in art continuation.

Or more to the point that ART is artifice that once expressed becomes artifact.  An imprint of thought that is removed from its original conception.

Peripheral Vision Art (1994)

Écrit par Patrick Chevalier. Publié dans Extant Art

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Peripheral Vision Art (1994) Extant works of “Peripheral Vision Art” concept was limited to a dozen works produced for the Düd Reintjes exhibit and are now incorporated in the extant works of the “Nature of Multiplicity”.

Like a mark on a badly erased blackboard which can send my obsessive compulsive mind into distress each “Peripheral Vision Art Work” was were established to have a standard and classic proportional scale.  The works would indeed be hung without framing and project a miniscule colour field while commanding the same space a regular colour field work should possess in situ.  That it requires more negative space or empty space on the gallery wall to effectively reproduce the three extra ancillary effects

  1. a miniaturised field
  2. peripheral observation
  3. incredulity.

After exposing the works and fielding the audience it was determined that mostly all the criteria’s had been met in that the work was most successfully observed with the peripheral visions as they were largely ignored until the eye caught the field effect (usually peripherally), colorfailed smlcolorfailed smland that once seen and detected the works appeared to create a depthless perimeter surrounding itself. Moreover be inney or outtey which invariably caused the type of tension a colour field work provides for the viewer.  Once the works precept was understood (and explained by the artists statement) it successfully inspired a response of incredulity if not hostile derision.

Note: Presently searching archives for extant records of the Düd Reintjes 1994 exhibit.

Nature of Multiplicity (1994-2019) Extant Works

Écrit par Patrick Chevalier. Publié dans Extant Art

The Nature of Multiplicity remains this day in pre-embryonic state and in some sense a work largely created by myself with exceptions of to a few praise worthy participants within my circle of friends and family such as Allan Sutt who created up to 400 elements of N.o.M. and  Anaïs Glassey who created a dozen or so elements separate from the works that I’ve engendered, Brigitte Chevalier who was instrumental at polishing and preparing the first 4500 pieces created; and last but not least Guy Chevalier (my father) who has recorded these same pieces and created a virtual gallery dedicated to promoting the work in progress.

Because of the limited opportunity to pursuing a full time creation process I have been making these pieces on a part-time and basis. As it is stands NoM was exhibited once as in a micro gallery in Ottawa Ontario at the Terminal Gallery with a total of 3500 works to which I am eternally grateful to Mechelle Gostick for assisting in installing the exhibit, Chris Healy of Terminal Gallery for believing in the work and who was instrumental in securing the space for the first exhibit of N.o.M. and to Amy Garder and Erik Wynn for promoting the exhibit.

Thanks to this exhibit and to an interview at the Gallery by Gary Haze host of Artscape at the time some of N.o.M. (more than 400 works) have been scattered about, some may even have been sent to Italy according to one patron. Only time will tell if more pieces come to rejoin these far flung elements.

Addendum - The Nature of Multiplicity in it's extant form continues to evolve and is presently at more than 6000 works. Keeping this in mind the search for an exhibition place is becoming urgent as the objective will soon be reached for it's release and a second fase of the concept will begin.  The image below gives the viewer peek at what a partial exhibition will look like.  Note - only works created in Paris between 2015 - 2020 are seen here.

nomBoiteASoulier 1

To view the complete work in it's present state and view close ups of individual works please see the virtual of extant work on my site dedicated to the Nature of Multiplicity.

Or to see via lightbox : http://nom.patche.ca/

Extant Contributions to Düd Rientjes

Écrit par Patrick Chevalier. Publié dans Extant Art

Specific Sight Art – Revese In Situ (1994)
Düd Reintdjes – contributed by Patrick Chevalier.

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Instructions for properly interpreting the specific sight work
  • T.B.A.

This is Art

  • Sanyo Tape Answering Machine (Reversible)
  • Audio Tape
  • Podium

Art isn’t here anymore — Recorded Art Statement by Art Düd (1993)
Düd Reintjes – contributed by Patrick Chevalier.

  • Sanyo Tape Answering Machine (Reversible)
  • Audio Tape
  • Podium
  • Instructions reading:
    “Please select play to listen to the message recorded on the answering machine message.”
    “Press Replay to consult messages left by visitors - Please allow messages to rewind once you have completed your consultation.”
  • Press Recod to leave a message for Art.
  • Message when played:

    “We are sorry but ART isn’t here right now.  Please leave a brief message and Art will get back to you as soon as possible.”

This is Art — Photogaphic Document Montage by Düd Ryantjes (1993)
Düd Reintjes – contributed by Patrick Chevalier (assisted by Sean Lang and Allan Sutt)

  • Three 8 x 10 framed and matted photograph showing Art.
  • Two 8 x 10 framed and matted photograph documenting that Art works.
  • Three x 8 x 10 framed and matted photograph documenting Artists