Diana's Grooming

Written by Patrick Chevalier. Posted in All Content

Branding and identity

Concept Design of the Diana's grooming is a (bd) concept and aside for the name can be tranferable to another brand let us know if your interested.

It started as a pet project if you will, a pro-bono logo design offer and if accepted would hopefully involve a brand marketing targeting customers of a pet grooming service in Montreal.

The logo was inspired by a snapshot of the owner’s newly adopted pug named Tyrone and after seeing this pug I immediately asked the owner if they’d agree to use a logo that I would design for them for their business. As began to work on the art inspirations how it could be used naturally bubbled out from this simple exercise identity creation. 

Tyrone was a natural mascot and a proud pup raised in a pet grooming establishment which inevitably meant that he’d be making many friends while doing the daily meet and greet before each grooming.

So why not build a brand around such a gregarious character. Why not reward his pawsay for coming by with a pug shaped treat? Why not let him follow of each visit with a simple e-calendar? What about Tyrone sending them an emails to remind them of their next grooming (…so as to hide in the closet!), or better yet to encourage his friends to come pick up their big reward after their 12th visit with a free grooming on Tyrone. 

A truly loyal friends would get a dog tag from with Tyrone’s pictures stamped into a dogtag and with their contact information while a real hard core friends would be equipped with a data chip medal containing their complete profile all friends of Tyrone and their owners could keep track of each of their visits as well as their vital details using a web or or phone App. Super friends could eventually have gps medals tracking those times when they go on long walks in the country? (…or are hiding in the closet for their next grooming visit).

  • Create Diana’s Grooming logo design based a mascot (Tyrone)
  • Create business cards and letterhead
  • Initiate basic email account and calendar to track Tyrone’s appointments
  • Evolve to create added value services like:
    • Designing and implement client portal
    • Establish an online booking system
    • Create Tyrone Club medals (with Tyrone face and basic engraved tacking info)
    • Setup point tracking feature in client portal
    • Provide personalised medals with enameled likeness of the client with basic engraved location delivered on loyal clients on repeat visits
    • Medal Upgrade containing ID chip with basic client information and discreet contact reference
    • Client information’s relating to health and status (see allergies, last vet visits, conditions ect.) available to update on clients login and synced to clients ID chip.
    • Provide app access for booking and client services
    • Provide GPS Medal upgrade and app for loyal Tyrone Club visitors.