Frame One : the wanting man || homme manqué

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Frame One ( X ):

"The Wanting Man / L'homme manquant" is the third collaborative frame one series. It is inspired from a poem in prose of the same title by Mihovic Semeinski and which is framed against the photo-collage mashup created by Che. The collage assembles personal and public digital imagery which convey a parallel narrative to the stanzas spelled on pharmaceutical pills that transposes the meaning of the original text. It is important to note that some editing was necessary to streamline the frame order. The original text is provided below.


Mihovic Semeinski

Original text

A friend turned stranger a lie turned truth
A friend turned stranger a lie turned truth
These parrots of gossip keep their youth
Perched on shoulders of feeding hands
They fly in circles screeching demands
I’ll hold no cage nor catch loose feathers
Let dodos fly in clouded weather
The beggar received nothing from the wall
the coward was robbed of his spine
this liar sits upon twisted throne
let guilt find the imaginary home
A wanting man with eye of dog
your sloth king without his frog
Hunger together upon endless nooses
This wanting man has no use